About Us


A Revolution usually refers to a big change or improvement in the way that something works or looks, or in the way people do a particular activity. So when The Creative Team at Lam Chuan picked “Revolution” as the working title to spearhead our design efforts for our new launch, we knew that our design and technical department is going to be wound up by many notches.

That is exactly what happened. We proudly present our latest development effort in this new chapter of Voyage. Revolution is packed to the rafters with surfaces breakthroughs and we are bursting at the seams with countless easter eggs.

Enough bragging. Grab yourself a copy today. It’s petite in size but trust us when we say it hits all the right notes.

A foreword

At Lam Chuan, Design is more than a job. It is a way of living. Being in love with our work means we are constantly creating and looking for ways to achieve more with our surfaces. Our design philosophy is that the design of surfaces, like taking care of our personal appearance, should be an emotional process. The surfaces we create must reflect and materialize the client’s emotions.

We leave nothing to chance, instead we are great believers of encounters – encounters with design professionals and their clients, with brands and with places. Each encounter allows us to write a new story, hence our tagline “Every design, a story”.

We are proud of what we have developed and built with the launch of each chapter of Voyage, and the progress we have made (and will continue to make) in pushing the technical and aesthetic boundaries of our surfaces. We hope that our efforts will have a positive impact on the design world, the lives of our clients, and in turn inspire the creation of new and innovative spaces.

For those in the know, you would have probably spotted the numerous breakthroughs featured in this new chapter of Voyage we proudly title Revolution. Over 180 new surfaces options and we are brushing it off as a minor collection update. Take our word for it, this is just a teaser. Nobody does it like we do.

This is what we do. Now watch the others follow.