About Us


VOYAGE returns in the strangest of times.

A time signified by excessive hand scrubbing, mask wearing, and staying at home. A time where dining out, window shopping, handshakes and hugs are frowned upon.

A time where planes are grounded, skies are empty, and highways are clear of traffic. A time where hand sanitizers are traded as commodities, where the only form of buying was panic.

A time where malls are shut, cinemas closed and for grocery runs you had to wait for your turn to go. A time where many governments realize they are ill-prepared, and people realized time with loved ones weighed more than gold.

The World may have been masked for the majority of twenty-twenty, but that did not blind us, no, not at all. Design research and development, for many, were crippled, travel plans shelved, but for us, nothing has stalled.

When the pandemic proved too much for the World to bear, we bounded together, masks on, meters apart, and reminded each other not to be scared. And when all hope seemed lost, we hunkered down, charged up our creativity batteries, and made sure plans for our next chapter of VOYAGE were never impaired.

This pandemic has taught us a valuable lesson; one of self-reflection, of renewed determination to change, that there is no better time than now to begin our voyage of long overdue reinvention. And that our People made the difference, no matter how small the numbers giving us their fullest commitment and dedication.

Hence it is most fitting we dedicate this new chapter of VOYAGE to our People, for every word, every design, every surface, is the product of their sacrifice and commitment to our cause. Together, we will show the world that fashion and design will live on, and no pandemic is big enough to stop us from creating, or worse, again put our lives on pause.

A foreword

Welcome to the latest edition of VOYAGE. What you are about to see is more than just a new collection of surface designs, but rather it is the turning point in Lam Chuan’s design philosophy.

This collection was curated and created during one of the most difficult times known to modern mankind where VOYAGE in the form of travelling to obtain inspiration was impossible. The design philosophy behind VOYAGE had to be transformed so we drew inspiration from the one thing that the creative team felt remained beautiful despite what was happening around us. And that one thing fashion. The fashion industry blossomed and retained its vibrance and upward growth throughout this pandemic. We benefitted so much from the energy, vibrance and transformational creativity displayed by the fashion houses and that formed the pulse of this VOYAGE collection.

The latest edition of VOYAGE makes many fashion references, intentionally, in the form of iconic styling cues, trend hues and design names, hence the slogan “fashionably strange” signifying our objective to be fashion forward during the strangest time for mankind.