Postform Profiles

One of Asia’s leading postform manufacturers, Lam Chuan has been producing a complete range of countertops and furniture door panels for institutional, commercial, hospitality and residential application since 1985. We have the largest inventory of programmable laminate designs and in this chapter of VOYAGE you are invited to the premier of Polaris Foldline; Abet Laminati revolutionary anti fingerprint surface now with postformability in 14ft format.

Our in-house postform countertop fabrication on system can accommodate small and large volume orders for projects, bending up to 3mm radiuses, within the shortest turnaround time


General upkeeping tips for all laminate surfaces.

Our laminate surfaces are highly resilient to wear, scratches, heat, food acids, and ordinary household chemicals, and can retain their original factory conditions if the following simple precautionary steps are taken:

• Clean surfaces regularly with mild dishwashing soap and water. Dry the surface with a clean cloth to prevent soap streaks.
• Avoid using gritty or abrasive liquid cleaners and cleansing powders.
• Liquid non-abrasive cleaners are highly effective in removing superficial stains that may not come off with soap and water.
• Avoid the use of bleaching compounds or solutions.
• Use a trivet or a rubber mat underneath hot skillets, and appliances
• Do not use your decorative laminate as an ironing or cutting board.


Lam Chuan is the recipient of the Singapore Green Building Products (SGBP) LEADER accreditation, the highest accolade awarded by the Singapore green Building Council (SGBC) as recognition on for the array of environmental protection strategies we adopted during the manufacture of our products – product life cycle consideration, optimization of water, energy and resource efficiency, environment protection, occupant health and safety, and product carbon footprint analysis. This translates into maximum point contribution when builders incorporate our products in their construction project under the Green Mark Scheme for Non-Residential Buildings: 2015.


Our ABET Laminative decorative laminate brand Print HPL and Pionite Laminates both carry the GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification from the GEENGUARD Environmental Institute, which confirms that our product quality is matched with environmental conscientiousness


Our products bear the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) label that certifies that our sourcing processes follow ethical forest management guidelines, with the assurance that social, economic and ecological needs of the present and future generations are proactively assessed and responded to.

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